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Aloha Roy,
Hard to believe it was just nine months ago that we exchanged emails about some life issues, but here it is 2002 already!

I'm so pleased to hear from you and just reading your words it's clear that your are grounded and balanced with a substantial positive connection to Planet Ocean. The cetaceans have reached into your heart, my brother, and wisdom has germinated a bloom of insight and with it, apparently, a profound sense of joy. Nice going!
The future is now, my friend. We don't have to wait for it to happen, don't need to plan for it's unfoldment. We need to just live it and be the new paradigm of living from the Heartbrain. The more we trust it as the way it is, and let it be that way inside-out, the easier it will be for everyone. In these times of accelerated change, we are the ones to hold the integrity of what is true. And that basic truth is simply love instead of fear and things will get better and healthier. Works every time!

Do keep me posted on you progress and when you are ready to meet the Hawaiian dolphins of Kona, lemme know. I'll be happy to introduce you to my friends and teachers.



It with great admiration and respect that I salute Dr. John and his profound affect upon this planet. I know that he is swimming free and will be wispering in our ears. We love you John, enjoy the trip. A personal tribute also appears of Joan Ocean's website as well as the Sirius Institute.

Be Well and Swim Free,


Date: 10/1/01
From: Kahua Institute, kahua@KahuaInstitute.com

On Sunday, September 30, 2001 at 7:59 pm in Los Angeles, California,
Dr. John C. Lilly passed from this life. We offer this small tribute
to a man we loved.

Back in the materialistic 1950's, way before the New Age movement, it
was Dr. John Lilly who was scientifically exploring the human brain,
inter-species communication and altered states of awareness. Since
then he has been a major leader in these explorations. Two movies
have been made based on his life: Day of the Dolphin and Altered
States. In the early days other scientists claimed Dr. Lilly was
strange and unscientific. In the later days Dr. Lilly was proven
right and the others proven wrong.
What a life he had! During World War II Dr. Lilly was riding B29
bombers to study how various altitudes were affecting the body. In
the '70's and '80's he was flying in heightened states of awareness
to see how spirit and the mind affect the body. Many thousands of
people have been inspired to higher states of awareness by John
Lilly!! Ourselves included.
About 10 years ago when John moved to Maui we started to collaborate
with him on our "Dolphin and Whale Adventures in Consciousness". So
many good trips sailing around the Hawaiian Islands and learning from
a great mind linked to the great mind in the waters. Each journey was
an adventure and through the years our friendship became a
mentorship. In 1993 he stood in for my father and gave me in marriage
to Raphael. John and Raphael were a dynamic duo. I always enjoyed the
similarity of these two men, both so close to my heart. During these
Hawaiian days John became a proficient Rap artist with Raphael.
John's hit song was called 'I Know Nothing.' Our music is inspired by
the whales, dolphins and John's insights. Our album "The Calling" is
an unforgettable contribution to the Cetacean Nation and includes a
rap 'The Journey' by John. John called Raphael's album "Angels of the
Deep" the Cetacean National Anthem. There are so many precious
moments we shared with him and we will be forever thankful for his
courage to explore new realms of consciousness and his ability to
share his wisdom and humor in a way that left us all better human
John, wherever you are, our thoughts, prayers and love will be
remaining with you. Wherever we are your courage, thoughts and love
will be with us.
With deepest gratitude
Kutira and Raphael, on the island of Maui.

John C. Lilly (1915-2001) was a medical scientist, research neuro-physiologist, psychoanalyst, and received a B.Sc., and M.D. He was the author, co-author, and subject of several books: Man and Dolphin, 1961; The Dolphin in History (with Ashley Montague), 1963; The Mind of the Dolphin, 1967; Programming and Metaprogramming in the Human Biocomputer: Theory and Experiments, 1972, 1987; The Center of the Cyclone, 1972, 1987; The Dyadic Cyclone (with Toni Lilly), 1976; Lilly on Dolphins, Humans of the Sea, 1975, a revised edition of two previously published books, Man and Dolphin, The Mind of the Dolphin, and The Dolphin in History, a lecture; 'Simulations of God: The Science of Belief,' 1974; The Deep Self: Isolation Tank Relaxation, 1976; The Scientist, a Novel, autobiography, 1978, 2nd. ed. 1988; Communication Between Man and Dolphin: The Possibility of of Talking with Other Species, 1978, 1988; In the Province of the Mind (with Francis Jeffrey; John Lilly So Far, by Francis Jeffrey (with John C. Lilly, M.D., Ph.D.) (1990); and Tanks for the Memories, Flotation Tank Talks, by Dr. John C. Lilly and E.J. Gold, 1995.



Like so many of us, I continue to solidify my commitment to Love and Peace by holding strong the energy and space, so it cannot be washed away with the swiftly moving current/wave of negativity.

It will continue to be a constant test of my resolve as the forces of Fear try to take complete charge of the global events unfolding. Every moment counts as an opportunity to contribute to the creation of a positive new world of compassion. Focus is important.

Questions of accountability need to be felt by each individual on this material plane of manifestation, as I truly believe we are all in this together. I know I am asking what part of myself still allows for such atrocities to exist within me to the extent that they are made manifest. Continued bloody conflicts and senseless deaths can only exist as long as we allow such a level Fear/Hatred to exist. Every human should be held accountable so that self-soul-searching becomes the primary question being asked, as opposed to revenge or any warlike thoughts/activity that we already know merely serves to enhance itself. In this way, it is the time of Judgment so prophesied.

How many more must die to break this chain? We, as a people, as a single race of beings on this nexus point on consciousness, must decide. Ask the questions of Why instead of What and How, I say. Listen more and speak less in this time of Awakening. Allow Hatred to empty its cup of the lies and fear while standing ready to fill it with Love and Compassion. Let our Light from Within be our shields against the Shadows from Without. Keep Being the Light.



Aloha HeunYK,
Thank you for your email and a shared interest in dolphin communication. I believe, from what you've indicated in your brief statements, that you are on the right track of exploring parallel dimensions as a conceptual basis to establish a level of understanding as to how cetaceans may communicate. Mathematics in general and I suspect geometric codes and configurations in particular, seem to offer common tools and symbols for our understanding the complexity of any 'alien intelligences.'

In my opinion, this understanding is made more difficult because most human thinking is contained in a 'box,' while I believe there are 'energy systems' and intelligences that exist outside of that perception. One may only entertain such notions if willing to remove oneself from the box long enough to take an 'intuitive leap.' Metaphors are abundant for the process to higher consciousness, but still the number of people willing to grasp their true meanings have been few. That's all changing rapidly even as we speak, I feel.

Many of the dolphin researchers I know refer to the cetacean mode of expression as Holographic in nature, because of their use of sound vibrations to define their 'Reality' multidimensionally. The "Father" of cetacean communication research, Dr. John C. Lilly [www.johnclilly.com], tried emphatically to apply Scientific Process in solving the complexity of a dolphin 'language.' He even sought to invent a new language that could be used to bridge the formidable gap between the sensibilities of our two similar and highly advanced species. So far, no direct language has been found. I think that's because humans, for the most part, are focused on a contained concept of the Reality Matrix, while Cetacean mentality appears to push out in all directions simultaneously. An entirely different system -- one that's outside of the 'box.'

Both dolphins and whales of every species function on such a highly refined level of awareness of vibrational dimensions, that we humans have yet to invent or even conceive of ways or instruments to measure such sensitivity [the invention of sonar is an extremely crude (and dangerous) replication of the cetacean bio-sensors]. So, for that and other reasons, scientists have failed in establishing to the satisfaction of the 'in the box' community of Consensus Reality mythmakers, a communicative link that provides proof of their exquisite intelligence beyond the physical facts already established. An intelligence that performs beyond the intellectual capacity of humans. In other words, the Consensus Reality we humans still hold in place, has no room for another sentient race of intelligence beings, equal to, or greater than our own. Not yet anyway.

A few of us who have spent considerable concentrated time with the free swimming dolphins and whales, have begun to form a bridge of understanding that is an intuitively based system. One that allows for the existence of such beings and accepts a 'new reality paradigm' along with the potential "Holographic Universe" it defines. Because such a level of understanding relies upon the subjective elements each individual brings to the equation, it is physically improbable to freely invent a new tonal/language system that both species can readily identify and be willing to utilize. I would suspect however, that if such a system would be realized and accepted, the very first message we might expect to receive from cetaceans would be, "Stop slaughtering us!" But, even that is 'in the box' thinking on my part.



Aloha All,
All around and within the spiritual community there is a sense of a huge opening in the etheric 'window' between the worlds as the mass of souls pass between dimensions and there is much confusion on multiple planes of existence. This is THE opportunity to exercise everything we believe and have trained ourselves to do on such nonphysical planes, and now must be put into action. That is to say, press hard the intention of Love and Peace into this wounded atmosphere, so tender and yet pliable to the whims of change that are fluttering the consensus reality like a rag.
We can create clarity and purpose amongst the confusion and uncertainty.
This is what we are to do and why we have collectively chosen to be aware of our own consciousness in this frame of Time and Space.



Aloha Robert,
Thanks for your emails and the most recent "download" of information you have received. I can verify that you are certainly on the right track with your thinking and the impressions you are receiving are starting to gain form and clarity, but I should caution you against drawing any kind of conclusions from the ongoing "messages" you receive. Our species tends to form lines of thought like visual lines of perception that naturally draw towards a single point on the horizon of our infinity. Cetaceans are helping us to perceive holographically, from a non-local, multidimensional perspective, where everything occurs simultaneously and each point contains the whole which is contained within each point like a fractal pattern of unfoldment. Granted, this takes some getting used to, my friend, but worth the effort and needed concentration if that is one's goal for ascension. It's a great deal easier for me to devote full time to such a thing, as that is the life I've chosen here in Hawaii.

However, I cannot speak of your situation and the desire that burns in your belly to help a child towards self-fulfillment. I can only say that I believe our dreams can manifest reality if they provide true clarity of intent and unconditional love from the heart center. I have experienced this and have seen it in action many times. Each one of us has that true center, and once found and understood, can literally move mountains with our will (but, we don't need to). We have evidence that the ancients knew of such things and ways of being. The Cetaceans have been living within such a reality for untold eons of time and exist beyond all perceived limitations of time and space. They understand better than we do that living is a cocreative act of faith and love with the Divine All, and have learned to allow for its unfoldment rather than trying to control it as humans have a tendency to do.

Humans on this planet are suffering from a profound sadness and sense of abandonment from thinking we are alone in this Universe. The Cetacea are here to prove otherwise, and reveal an even higher purpose (make that porpoise!). With all change comes some degree of upheaval, especially among those resisting change. I do not see an impending doom, or disaster knocking at our doors, but rather a seasonal blending from one state of being to another. Humans are still exceptionally crude and rude, but we are quick learners and are refining our skills and sensibilities. Yes, the children hold the keys to our future but the reality of this moment belongs to child within you Heart. Breath easy and fully and know that the ocean before you is vast beyond comprehension, and it will not go away anytime soon.



Hi Wayne!
Seems like just yesterday that we'd don Hawaiian shirts and army boots to make a spectacle in the Kimball High halls, eh? Who'd have guessed we were forty years ahead of our time! Ha!

Gosh, what a family-type-guy and parental-kinda-life you've had, my old friend. You've sired two families while I chose to have no children in both of my long-term relationships. [I think I was too selfish to be a parent...] You've successfully pursued a company career while I've been involved with single partnerships or solo ventures. My days as an art dealer and gallery director seem distant to me now, but it was a highly active and fascinating period in my life that has left me with a wealth of experience though little monetarily. I have often chosen a path of least resistance while consciously avoiding any responsibility of trying to own anything in a material way. I can only own up to myself and claim authenticity in the life I create each moment of every day. I figure I must have made a few right decisions along the way, though none were easy or clear cut, as now I find myself living in Paradise, in a wonderful house overlooking the magnificent Big Blue Pacific and living life consciously while having the luxury of close friends within the community of dolphin-people (pod-heads) with loving, sustaining energies, to continue to grow and nurture dreams of the Heart. I'm clearly a Bohemian in every sense of the word, so nothing's changed in that regard since even way back then. Eh?

All three of my watches (over $3000 in timepieces!) decided to stop within the first month of my moving here four years ago, confirming on some level that I had stepped over into an alternative form of Time and into the 'Reality Matrix.' And like "The Matrix" movie, I had taken the "red pill," gone down the rabbit hole and now live on the other side of the looking glass. [It's actually pretty cool over here, I have to say.] :o) On any given day I get up from my bed on the lanai and look down over the expanse of aquablue 1000 feet below to check if a group of fins can be seen or even better, a friendly spinner-jump at precisely the right moment, as if to extend an invitation to join them. Let's see, do I surf the waves today or surf the Net? Hmmm.

One of the things I really enjoy doing is facilitating and organizing the dolphin swims for groups and individuals. I'll probably always want to do such a thing with people as it never gets old and is never ever the same. One could say that I've become somewhat known for my work within certain circles of Cetacean people around the world. Over the past few years I've appeared in two Japanese made documentaries and have been written about in national magazines and local media for my support of the concept of a "Cetacean Nation" ["CETACEAN NATION WEBSITE!" ]. I just organized and MC'd a community event in mid-May at the local art-movie house as a letter writing rally to STOP LFAS and it drew well over three hundred in a little over three hours and the campaign generated over 10,000 letters to legislators about the issue in just over two weeks. Considering how small our community is, I was very proud of the outcome. Unfortunately even though the Navy's low-frequency sonar has been shown and reported (Peter Jennings and Dan Rather both did special reports on the Bahamas strandings/deaths last year) as killing dolphins and whales, most people don't even know of it's existence or the multibillion dollar, tax-funded expenditure for 80% global deployment of this deadly and reckless technology. So a percentage of my free time is spent on furthering that information campaign. Have a look at my web page: "STOP the Madness of LFAS " for details and spread the word to everyone you know. This is serious stuff, Wayne. Like, by wiping out sea life, we can instantly destroy the entire global eco-balance within a generation. Problem is: Navy engineers say, "It sure looks good on paper..." Urgh! It's time to make decisions based upon organic principles before precious resources are lost forever.

On a lighter side, there isn't a day that goes by that I don't feel incredibly blessed with good fortune. I have great caring and loving relations with most people and even though I've been out of any kind of close relationship for the past year, my energy is high and I greet each moment as if I'd just fallen in love. It's cool to feel this way and I've discovered that it's just there for the asking as clear intent manifests before my very eyes. The dolphins have demonstrated to me countless times the way to deeper meaning and core issue cognition, but nothing can be opened until the veils of secrecy are dropped. Hope that's not too metaphysical or new agey for you. I'm really not into the "airy-Faerie" stuff, as they say, just someone who loves being in zero gravity with another race of sentient beings who have wonderful things to teach me and others who can manage to be quiet and listen...

So, that's a little taste of my lifestyle, my old friend. I've given up the need to know or foster expectations and therefore have opened myself to full potentiality. It's a blast being alive and conscious at this remarkable time of transformation and enlightenment on Planet Ocean. I'm sure glad you could be around to enjoy it as well. Keep in touch if you feel the urge. I won't be straying too far from this spot as it sure feels like I've arrived at my home base. I'll look forward to your report on the Class of '66 reunion. In the meantime,

Be Well and Swim Free,




Aloha Robert,
Yes, I agree that the huge sweeping changes towards an expanded awareness and consciousness on our planet must certainly be nurtured through the children. The dolphins themselves are a personification of that childlike quality of which you speak -- open, receptive and forgiving of differences. All of the truly creative free spirited people I've ever known have had that special quality as well, whether they were a world famous artist or the head of a large corporation. So, it feels like the entrance to such a new liberated frame of mind and way of being, is through an understanding of how to preserve such a state and remind ourselves of the importance getting in touch with its essence within each of us. It's about healing ourselves as a culture by recognizing the very child that is our consciousness just now awakening to itself.

I went back and read Ken Grimwood's visionary 1995 book, Into the Deep, again, just picking out the parts where he was speaking from the dolphin's perspective. As in that book, I deeply sense we're on the edge of major breakthroughs with mass consciousness accepting the possibility of another sentient race, the primary sentient race of the planet, opening up our frail and narrow sensibilities to the next tier of awareness and evolution. Something in my craw tells me that it's my dharma in all of this ~ a translator perhaps of the modern Pythias Oracle from the temple at Delphi, offering new insights that may help balance and mend the troubled hearts of humankind. I can only wait to see what Spirit may have in store while continuing to hone my personal vehicle to be ready for whatever that might be. So far, this past eighteen months have provided many such insights and visions and with it, more opportunities to move the information outward. I still would like to see a unification process take place among the Cetacean affiliates on a global basis. As we find common causes with LFAS and IWC, this process is beginning to take shape. I feel if we can continue to keep the common ground of recognition of another sentient life form as central to whatever themes promote our endeavors, we may yet join with the "Source Mind" of planetary consciousness that Grimwood describes. I sense it is part of the consensus shift in perspective from one of Planet Earth (solid, limited and isolated) to that of the more natural way of thinking, Planet Ocean: fluid, connected and free of gravity. It's right there is front of our faces, just waiting to be recognized.

That's part of my vision, at any rate.



Aloha Geoff,
Your concern for the ocean is very real and appreciated. Interestingly enough your argument for a "day of silence" is almost identical to that the US Navy is using under the guise of "National Security" to get permission to blast the loudest noise ever conceived into 80% of the oceans! LFAS is the other end of the spectrum from your "passive listening" model. It's "active" pulses go beyond the measure of human disregard for Planet Ocean and has already been shown to be lethal to cetaceans and other sea life. Yet, the war machine trods on...

LFAS is not just about US coastal waters anymore, it's about the entire planet's oceans being "lit up" with this new technology that is clearly in complete reckless disregard of our most important global eco-energy system.

What can we do? Tell everyone you know and have them forward it on, and on, and on...

We can keep the information flow wide open to the point that "secrets" loose their potency as implements of separation. The only clear understanding of a global mentality and sensibility by humans is to begin to exist as part of the natural harmonic flow. Like Cetaceans do. Instead of trying to control it, we must learn to allow it. Yes, the ancients all knew about such things, and now our culture has reached a point of being able to grasp its significance once more. We are reaching a critical mass because "energy flows where attention goes" and a new flood of information and understanding is being made available to a larger percentage of the populace than ever before in recorded history outside of a few localized areas (such as Ancient Greece). The other factor is, of course, that humans rarely pay attention to anything unless it blows up in our face!

And yes, the Cetaceans know about such things for it is ingrained as part of their biologic makeup. How else could they have survived, and in such style I might add, for all these millions and millions of years? The sooner humans recognize the we are not the only sentient race on the planet the faster we will turn our egoic, misplaced survival instincts, into productive, co-creative processes that act to balance and harmonize rather than disrupt and terrorize. We're turning that corner as a consciousness right at this most critical time in our fragile history. The Cetaceans are helping us with it more than one can possibly imagine and certainly more than conventional wisdom recognizes. Right now we may yet realize the folly of our carelessness and open up to a new understanding of the way it can be. The painless way. Yes, we do have such a choice.

So, please continue to dream a new reality, Geoff. And if enough minds join together in that dream it can be made to become a reality. What else is really worth our time? It is much more than "luck" I can tell you.




The following email was sent to a radio talk-show host seeking information on LFAS. Her program has to do with healing modalities and is broadcast over the Internet as part of WWW.WisdomRadio.com. The information continues coming in to me at this time. I trust it will resonate with those of you feeling similar shifts occurring. Anyway, take anything from it that may be of worth and let go of the rest. ~ d.


Aloha Colleen,
Nice to speak with you today about the LFAS issue. I've been involved with this specific awareness campaign for over a year now and know many others who've been trying to bring this serious issue to the public's attention for over 10 years. It still represents only a fragmentary shift compared to what's happening deep within each of us, I believe.

I'll be pleased to speak with you on the radio to continue this campaign from a grass roots level upward, which I believe has even more significance than from some huge media attention flowing on down. Reason being that "energy flows where attention goes" (ancient Hawaiian Huna belief system) and an upward flow of information is preferable to a downward spiral. Get me on this?

It's all about Humans learning to comprehend and manipulate subtle energy systems as the next step in our evolution of consciousness. The Cetaceans (whales & dolphins) know all about these subtle vibrational systems and utilize them as part of their Holographic understanding and utilization of the Reality Matrix on an everyday basis. I believe those of us who've established contact with this intelligent species on such levels are beginning now to form the base line for a consensus shift of mass consciousness. This expanded awareness is still localized at present, such as the case was with the ancient Greeks, but as we approach 'critical mass' or just over 5% of the populace, this new understanding will take hold very quickly and be integrated in every aspect of the human perceptions of the Reality Matrix. It's time for humans to realize we are not alone as the only intelligent and sentient species on this planet.

Collective consciousness is in a major birthing process right now and so the 'labor pains' are still gaining more attention than the product of the labor - a new view of Reality that offers freedom from the need for pain or fear based belief systems as a core choice. This may well be the ominous 'final battle' for control of the Collective Unconscious. Our Higher Selves are switching on the light, so to speak, to illuminate the darkness of secrecy and covert actions, thus rendering them impotent. Naturally, the ruling power elite will do everything in it can to prevent this illumination from happening, as they'd like to keep things just as they've comfortably been for the past 12000 year cycle in a state of fear and separation. They can't of course ... change is inevitable as we push towards a new sidereal season of subtle energy vibrations and the new understanding and manifestational properties they carry for all who would choose to recognize such things. The New Babylon

As informational flows continue to open as they are with telecommunications (Like LFAS, another primitive electronic replication of bio-sonic systems used by Cetaceans) secrets as a means to create and maintain separation, will loose potency. We are already seeing signs of people in the healing arts and other art forms, utilizing this new understanding to consciously manipulate their immediate environment. A new language system is developing to describe the sensations of such expanded awareness. Individual consciousness is quickly evolving to realize the shared responsibility and benefits of a Co-Creating 'Multivers' as it applies to a Holospheric understanding of the Reality Matrix.

I am very positive about facilitating this critical transformation in consciousness; first, I might add, on a personal level, and then with others. I deeply feel that in order to heal our fragile Planet Ocean, the process must begin with each individual cell of consciousness and emanate outward. We've gone the other way long enough...




The Day After

Last night's Aloha Theater miracle was a relative exercise in energy movement on a local scale. However, what is being born from this experience is a glimpse of a larger view - an ascended view. A view of our planet, the solar system, and beyond, that is familiar to more humans than ever in our recorded history. It is a perspective that is increasing arithmetically with each day as information spreads to every corner of the globe. We are transforming into a global society and finding that no one ideology, no one government, no one individual is suitable to such a task of unification of consciousness. Instead, our individual core belief systems must meld into a new description of reality. One in which we all assume equal responsibility for our actions, thoughts and deeds. An atmosphere of whole Truth with zero need for secrecy, because we are able and willing to recognize the core source in one another.
I'm talking about a massive transformation in consciousness that is occurring at this time and fast approaching critical mass. Once this point is reached the Truth that is "Out There" but actually 'In There,' is revealed for what it really is: Fear is a choice and not the instinctual imperative of survival we've been led to believe. At that point we can see ourselves as a physical being that is a mere reflection of a greater self that exists beyond the so-called limitations of Time and Space. Our consciousness, as energy or a LightBeing can move faster than the speed of Light through the simultaneity of Thought, and connect with the far reaches of the galaxy. As we learn to understand and use this new sensibility, and develop new models of behavior that recognize it, we will see the same doors opening that the 'ancients' knew about. Doors of perception that open to a connectivity of consciousness, a telempathic interconnectivity with all other energy systems, physical and nonphysical, that possess intelligence and abilities far beyond our present capabilities to measure. That's because we as a race have not yet developed the one 'tool' to grasp and deal with it: the Human Consciousness. But how can we do this as a frail race of beings that still struggles for conscious awareness less than 7 to 10% of the time?

I believe that a very real way of understanding this next level of our evolution is by looking at the most evolved, conscious physical species on our planet: the Cetaceans. The whales and dolphins have had fifty-million years as air breathing mammals with evolved brains and brain stem even more developed than humans, and possessing capabilities far greater than our limited abilities to deal with and comprehend one's environment. They have lived in complete balance and harmony with little or no change, without negatively affecting the planetary ecology or warring, torturing, enslaving or massacring any other species, including themselves. We must loose our arrogance and limited thinking as a race and open our minds to the very real alternative that is being presented to growing numbers of humans who are having interactive encounters with dolphins and whales on a planetary scale like never before.

In writer, Ken Grimwood's book of 1995, "Into the Deep," the author describes a fictional account of the actual opening of lines of communication with the Cetaceans. I believe it is a case of Life following Art, because like this book of fiction, the world is reaching a critical situation with its technology that is about to recklessly destroy our very physical existence. The dolphins and whales, knowing of this unfolding scenario, allow for the opening of these channels of communication so we might shift our perspective from one of seeing ourselves as a solitary race to one of accepting the possibility of another, equal, or even much more intelligent as to the essential nature of existence. In that book, the world was saved from a catastrophe in the ocean by this union of communication between species. I feel in my heart that we face similar circumstances with these new tools of war being released into our oceans. I pray that the Cetaceans may help us realize the folly of our ways in time to divert further pollution and destruction of our most precious resource: Planet Ocean!



To look beyond Cetaceans as simply big smart cows or herds of antelopes, Humans might gain more appreciation if we considered the millions of years of evolution that have matured them as a race of beings. Many in our society readily accept the idea of a "Star Wars" or "Close Encounters…" type alien race form existing and perhaps even currently visiting us or secretly either trying to help or destroy the Human Race, depending on the spin. Some survey pointed to a whopping 69% polled as saying they believed in the possibility of an alien race or races that are already in contact with Humans. What if we began to look upon Cetaceans as Dr. John Lilly suggested: as a bonafide alien race of beings that have consciously evolved beyond the primitive use of tools of any kind other than their own built-in biosystems? Cetacea appear to have found a balanced form of expression of their life forces that are certainly much more sophisticated and evolved than Human technologies pretend to be. Cetaceans in over 50 million years have never negatively impacted the entire Planet Ocean to such a degree as our own vicious species has done in the last century alone, and yet we have acted in total ignorance of this possibility. That we might have something to learn from a species that exhibits more inherent intelligence than our own, hasn't even occurred to our culture since the ancient time of the Greeks. That is until these past fifty years. Consider this: the mere idea of alien creatures among us has been fed into the media mind for that same amount of time, interestingly enough. Is it possible the Cetacean collective consciousness could have influenced Human mass consciousness in such as way as to draw our destructive attention away from their precious oceans and focus it on outer space? Could it be that they know something we don't? Or perhaps it is simply, what the "Shaman said: Man is the Dream of the Dolphin."