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This is a message to all Lightworkers from the Spinner dolphins of Hawaii
(communicating through Joan Ocean)


Dolphin Message for the New Millennium


We speak to you now
And for many millenniums
Our song lives in your heart…….


Our planet is ascending.
The Light shines all around.
We thank you for the love you've shared,
Blessing her sacred ground.

As Star Beings, we* created
The Light of precious Earth.
And now in physical form we join,
To enjoy her perfect birth.

Our fields of energy
Have merged.
All ancient birthing pains
Are purged.

The power of love is all you need
To awaken your memories, Be Free.
You are not society, or civilization,
You are spiritual beings like we.

Remember why you came to Earth
To help her become a star.
It's not about dealing with karma,
Its about accepting who you are.

Your role is not to match and fit in,
You've come here for more than that.
Your role is to remember your home in the stars,
And to bring that Star Vision back.

Use your power to create the vision.
Our Love will give you insights.
Your memories of Love will help you create,
An Earth that evolves into Light.

Don't leave it for someone else to do,
Join together and radiate.
The actions you take in the name of Love,
Will create and create and create!

My message to you is simple.
Two important things to recall,
One -- that you are unlimited.
Two -- YOU create it All.

We thank you for the love you've given.
Know that you're not alone.
The dolphins and whales, your kindred souls,
Are swimming with you back home.

~~~~~~ the energies of the dolphins and whales~~~~~~

*Lightworkers and dolphins



Here is a small affirmation that I wrote last week in response to a profound swim with dolphs and the conversation I had just afterward with a companion. Seems like the idea of "choice" is in the air these days, eh?
BW&SF ~:-d.


How elemental can it get, I ask myself. If I just focus on the basics I can see that within each moment of realized consciousness, I'm given a choice. My 'free will' selection is a choice to decide whether or not I am going to accept each new moment in a negative or positive manner. Whether or not I will shrink from it with fear and uncertainty because of some predisposed, programmed response, or embrace each ensuing instant knowing from my core that it is in my greatest good to act upon it with Unconditional Love.

So simple and miraculous, yet it remains the central challenge in my life. I am learning to 'breathe' within this rarified air, so that with each intake I'm consciously aware of myself, and the world around me. Like the admirable Cetaceans, who have evolved the biological imperative of being conscious of every breath they take, I too want to raise my level of awareness so that I seize each moment as if it is my first and last! I wish to intentionally move through my existence with the purpose of allowing each moment to exist as the Zero Point: that perfect state of being where everything and nothing are present at once, but in a state of harmony instead of a presupposed conflict between Dark & Light. Where infinite potential is exposed in full while nothing is hidden behind the screens and filters of my ego's rational demands to adhere to the formal policies of the programmed, Consensus Reality.

There can only be one place where such a perspective can exist, it seems to me. It is plumb square, dead-centered, between the two binary codes of Yes & No that we have been lead to believe are separate, when in fact, they are part of the same oneness that makes up the whole. It is that same place, that zero point the mystics and philosophers have been twirling around from the beginning of recorded Time. And it is the same place that Quantum Physicists have been caught chasing their own tails as the observer and observed become indistinguishable.

Metaphoric explorers returning to the campfires of some collective intellect, report that what they have found is a paradox. A Pandora's Box. Dare I open it? Can I afford to let go of the need to know long enough to see that it doesn't really matter in the first place? To recognize that these are all magnificent efforts to tantalize my consciousness with an utter false sense of being able to Know something…anything, when the only true knowing is NOT knowing. Like the old Hindu proverb: Non-Attachment Equals Liberation. Can I afford to let go of such needs? Do I have the courage and faith to believe in myself, and my connection to the ALL THAT IS, to actually continue my trek into the Void? Into The Abyss of Pure Consciousness?

Well, yes, I say. I'd done it the other way all my life and it led to halls with no doors in the walls - a maze, constructed out of fear and desire, designed to push me forward towards some useless end. I've left that behind now and have asked Spirit to use me in such a way as to allow Essential Joy to reign in my life, so that I may demonstrate the marvelous affects of Living My Dreams. I've cut whatever attachments I had to outcomes and removed all expectations from my field of vision to enable a maximized opportunity to live in and be a complete part of, this Eternal Now. My existence therefore, is like walking a tightrope all the time, but without the anxiety of falling into the Abyss, rather, with full anticipation and embracing it's magnificence. Each instant unfolds as a miracle, full of meaning and gilded with the beauty of its own uniqueness. I am blessed in this state of grace, for I am given such an opportunity for the asking, because I have given myself over to the service of Spirit, which in turn, is here to serve me.

So, you must forgive me if I choose not to participate in certain games of politics or speculations of futures yet unwoven. These are no longer a part of my sphere of reference. No longer a part of my agenda of existence. I only wish to BE. And in that bliss of Beingness, I seek only the Joy that is there for me within that moment of realization. That is my choice. It is also my gift to give and receive.

dwWEBster: 10.28.00


(The following is from an email I sent in response from someone who had received a report from a respected source of the negative impact of humans swimming with dolphins here in Hawaii. I kind of ranted on this one, but some things needed to be said. ~ d.)

I think it speaks of the rather distorted views that are being passed off as coming from so-called informed sources. Something is definitely happening between Humans and Cetaceans all right, and it's a lot more than some feeding/biting incidences in Pensacola and Sarasota, Florida, or more numbers of people coming to swim with dolphins here in K-bay. We are being asked to step up into a new tier of thinking, a new level of consciousness, if you will. Such sweeping change does not come easily, however. The same scientists who brought us to this point of evolution are now, in many cases, holding steadfastly to the old paradigm thinking of separation. It is time to stop dissecting and dividing into compartments and begin the unification process of systemic integration. That's the heart of this issue, as far as I'm concerned.

It's always the actions of a few that seems to affect things the most, whether it's the foolish and ignorant behavior on the part of certain lay people seeking to have some meaningless interaction with dolphins or, on the other end of the spectrum, the narrow perspectives of certain scientists who are so intent on their work, they might base their reputations on the unskilled and erroneous observations of their field workers. I think the latter is possibly more dangerous in that they have been placed in a position of power over others and their opinions, though supposedly untainted, are often heavily biased towards personal agendas. I suppose we can hardly blame scientists for wanting to have their laboratories sterilized of any human element, it is after all, what a they ultimately seek, isn't it? A left-brained atmosphere devoid of emotion, where observations are carefully measured for the sake of pure data that can be fed into objectified data boxes that will prove without a doubt how intelligent and superior our species is over all others on the planet and in the Universe. Scary thought that laws governing our freedoms for expression and reception may lay in their hands. Too bad marine scientists aren't trained to use their intuitive awareness in such things. Perhaps we'd be a whole lot closer to an understanding of the emotional (water) aspect of Gaia. Eh?

I believe this whole issue is coming to a head because it's time to really examine what humans are doing on a planetary scale to the oceans and all its creatures. Like the magicians slight-of-hand trick, the public eye of scrutiny is being pointed in a direction away from the 'real' action. The more noise and static that can be generated around the rather limited benign activity of a few people swimming with dolphins, the less attention the public will pay to truly serious atrocities that are being committed in the name of science, the military, industry and other enterprises. A prime example here in Kona is the DLNR granting a commercial JetSki operation permit to be run right in the middle of a bay known to be a dolphin resting and whale breeding area, while on the other hand showing a concern about the potential harassment of swimmers. Hello?

How can we help direct the attention of these so-called concerned scientists to start spending time and resources addressing these other important issues? Is it because many are being funded, directly or indirectly, by the very agencies that would want us to ignore what they are doing? I truly hope not. I'd just like people to get to the real facts to make informed decisions about what's really happening. In the spirit of cooperation and intregral thinking, I think the Cetacean examples are very clear. If we would only stop the incessant noise of Human chatter and listen, we might begin to hear them as they play the Heart rhythms of Gaia, inviting us to join in its chorus.

These K-bay rumors are the result of bad information on the part of erroneous observations. There is no harassment of dolphins by swimmers and if anything, the activity is being carried out even more responsibly and with self regulation by those of us doing it. The swimming with dolphins issue is more of a smoke screen than an actual problem, in my opinion.



Aloha PodPeople! Happy Equinox Everyone!

Foremost in everyone's pod-minds these days here in Hawaii, is the idea that the National Marine Fisheries Service may submit a proposal to the US Legislative Body for regulations that will outlaw swimming with dolphins in open ocean US waters. So far this has not happened, but the time in at hand.

One of the prime factors contributing to this appears centered on the rather stupid activity of Humans [primarily around Pensacola, Florida], who've taken it upon themselves to feed the friendly pods of Bottlenose dolphins, who, like children, can be coheresed into such meaningless interaction with our species. Although measures have been taken to curtail this foolish behavior, it's still going on because of all the press it's receive, which leads me to another point. There seems to be a line of negative publicity that has been generated by certain elements of the media, that warns of the dangers of interacting in the wild with dolphins ~ butt bites being a biggie. Most of this negative material has been generated in the name of journalistic sensationalism for the sole purposes of drawing attention to the TV program or article. Unfortunately it's also fueled the fires of this newly proposed agenda. Personally, I wonder if certain special interest groups [ie. Tuna Industry, Whale Watch Industry, Captive Dolphin/Whale Industry, USNavy LFAS, etc.) might also be encouraging this type of regulation to happen as a means to protect their own interests. The line of thinking might go something like: If we continue to depersonalize Cetaceans, or clearly keep them in the "dumb animal" category, agencies and industries can continue to test, kill and/or enslave their species with little protest or even attention from the public at large. Tragically, such industrialized thinking could bully another eco-insensitive, self-serving law on the books, but, not if we care enough to prevent it. Instead, we need to wage a battle against the biggest culprit of all in this: IGNORANCE!

Over the past few months a number of issues have been discussed as a means to combat misinformation and help promote positive ideas among those of us who would like to retain the freedom of choice about interacting with Cetaceans in the ocean. Some of the most noteworthy are as follows:

- An ongoing public forum for a clear and correct information flow to occur.
- A certification program from dolphin swimmers and swim guides similar to scuba certification.
- A self-regulating commercial coalition amongst professionals, such as the Florida alliance of boat operators, for dolphin swim certification and protocols to be implemented.
- A recognized, non-governmental institute or agency, or series of allied agencies that would agree upon and post general guidelines and recommendations for positive interspecies interaction.
- A carefully worded petition about the positive aspects of human-dolphin interaction that could be widely circulated, signed and delivered to NMFS and DLNR and other agencies including elected officials to show supportive numbers in favor of such activity.
- A staged media event or series of events that will draw attention to the positive side of this activity.
- A symposium or series of conferences that can pull together resources and information on a global basis.
- A common accessible data base and clearing house of information that can be maintained and updated for the most current data to be posted on topics and issues of importance.
- Physical outposts or centers that actively promote interspecies communication world wide.
- A series of personal stories from people who've had positive experiences being publicized on the net and in print mediums.
- Professional creative projects that could help promote a positive image to a broad public base.

These are but a few of the many ideas, and I hope more to come, that may act to unify our objective of encouraging meaningful interaction between Humans and Cetaceans and more importantly, a new level of respect for Planet Ocean and her creatures.

I look forward to sharing anyone's suggestions and ideas that might further this cause of spreading positive information about the benefits of such interaction. Let's put our heads together into a PODMIND and gather momentum for a positive wave of information to be put forward. I say, let's manifest a singular point to which we can feed into and rally around. Call it what you will, but let's stick a post in the ground and call it home base, shall we? We can do this people. It's the time...

Be Well and Swim Free,




(Note: The following vision came to me as a burst of inner light to me that still burns. I've edited it from the original post. The timing of such an event has changed but the concept continues to evolve, so I invite anyone's thoughts and suggestions if so moved.)


I've envisioned, an international Cetacean Celebration Festival & Conference here in Kona. One that will represent a powerful positive projection of information about interspecies communication and it's dramatic affect upon the opening of consciousness in Humans.

We are already a huge pod of dolphin resource people living in Hawaii, each of us drawn here by a strong force from within. There are enough of us to present a conference right here on Big Eyeland that could serve to express our commitment to this ongoing process of Holographic Connectivity through the recognition and assistance of intelligences beyond our own Human realm. Such an event could also address the increasing interest of a rapidly growing global audience about this subject and related topics. I sense that the Cetaceans themselves are behind this surge.

I've envisioned an event that could be a great uniting and mass ascendance of consciousness for all who attend and one that embraces the new paradigm of "Fifth Dimensional Awareness" or "Pod-mind Mentality".

The focal point will be uniting our belief systems in one common venue of honoring dolphins, whales and the Planet Ocean in a demonstration of this new way of being in pod-mind connectivity.

The major slant will be on the positive, creative elements that have been inspired by dolphins and whales. I'm looking at fine art, music, literature and film for the best examples for possible presentations.

I met with the GM and Sales Mgr. at the Keauhou Beach Resort [look it up at "" ]. I tell you, I had 'chicken skin' on several occasions while looking at this ancient sacred place. The property has just undergone a 17 million dollar renovation and looks spectacular and elegant. I sensed that the land has been re-energized with this new level of respect afforded it. Both of the management team have actually swum with dolphins and appeared to share in my vision of booking the entire hotel just for the festival and turning it into a huge beacon of light for this refined, high frequency information. This is the place, after all, where humpbacks can be seen breaching less than a hundred yards from shore; where huge pods of spinner and spotted dolphins swim every day and the hotel sits next to one of the most spectacular snorkel bays in all of Hawaii. I am convinced of the importance of this event and highly impressed at this particular location on such sacred land.

Yet another piece slid into place for me after seeing the grounds with the recognition that this event could possibly act as a means to bring the Ancient Hawaiian culture into balance with Modern Hawaii. It occurred to me, that perhaps establishing a new 'Aumakua' [spiritual guide/icon] besides the turtle and shark might be the way. Of course, it is the Cetaceans that represent this new icon that may well act to bring together cross-cultural and cross-species sensibilities into one harmonized whole.

So, not only do the Cetaceans represent a decided shift in Human intellect by accepting another sentient race on the planet, but with this new association, may also be considered to be emotional balancing and healing agents. Add to this the understanding that dolphin and whales represent a spiritual manifestation on the physical plane, and it moves to establish an even higher consciousness connection to such an event. This event could well mark a major milestone for the next level of evolution of human consciousness on the planet!

We could be closing a Time/Space Circle by connecting/merging the sensibilities of the Ancient with the Modern and thus stepping together into the NOW.

We will come together on this sacred site, where a consecrated shore joins in immediate proximity to dolphins and whales (and all sea life) to celebrate and acknowledge them. When we collectively acknowledge the Cetaceans, perhaps they'll do the same in return by conjoining those attending with these higher frequencies. Then the sensations of pod mind mentality may be expressed freely throughout the proceedings, offering the opportunity to connect freely with others, where secrets are nonexistent and speaking one's truth will be practiced and encouraged.

This event would represent the New Era and Beginning symbolized by the sacred Hawaiian name: Keauhou, the only * (land strip) that extends entirely over to the other side of the island to connect directly to Kilauea and, PELE. Providing a direct connection to the Divine Feminine Intelligence: the basis of the New Paradigm Shift.

The Big Island's history also supports this event in many ways. Think of King Kam-III's Spirit of Unification as well as the historic landing place of Captain James Cook around the time of the American Revolution. We stand on fertile ground for such activity. Hawaii itself is located on our planet's most powerful pulse point of 19.5 degrees latitude and centered on Earth's largest geographic feature, the Pacific Ocean. It also stands as the midway point, the dividing line, if you will, between Eastern and Western Cultures and Societies. What better place to focus our collective attention and intention on hemispheric synchronization?

If I continue to receive guidance and synchronicity on this event, I will push ahead. I will of course, welcome all qualified coordinators to assist in this monumental task of organization and implementation.

I'm asking all who resonate with this concept and feel in any way compelled, as I do, to join in the pod mentality that is being formed and maintained around it, to contact me to see how and where you may fit into this unfolding picture. Tell everyone you know. We can change the world!

Thank you for your loving support in whatever way it is given. Mahalo and Namaste.

Be Well and Swim Free,


Douglas Webster



Aloha Podpeople!

To me, Cetacean Nation has a nice rhyme and reason to it. It's a name that popped into John Lilly's head way back when, perhaps even placed there by our fine flippered friends. Over the years it's become a concept that has been tooled into it's current form with hopes that it might find acceptance within our society and cultural consciousness. It's been a struggle. The essential concept of humans recognizing another race of sentient beings already on the planet, is a HUGE lump for 'Joe Average' to swallow, no matter how sensible it seems to those of us who've experienced it's truth. Personally, I like it, because it represents to me the grist of change in human consciousness, and therefore naturally carries a great deal of charge for everyone. We know that many people fear change, and this only adds to the complexity and challenges that this inevitable process must face. However, I feel we are all a part of this sweeping change and each one of us contributes to the holographic configuration. I believe we're being asked to redefine our thinking on every level and part of this is letting go of old patterns and methods that rely on linear models of operation. Our very thought process must evolve to another level to grasp this new paradigm and I'm certain the Cetaceans are assisting this process by introducing so many of us to new thoughtforms and alternate modes of understanding.

I'd love to see this process spring from the positive firmament that has been established over the past fifty years of dynamic human-cetacean interaction and move to a higher level of perception and appreciation for the incredible world in which we live. The dolphins and whales have shown me that the path to this new level is through my heart and I will persist in my efforts to put that out as a consideration before all mental meandering.



Aloha Podpeople!

Many positive signs continue to occur on behalf of Cetaceans and Humans being together on every conceivable level. My vision of a Cetacean Nation - a recognized embodiment of the concept of humans and cetaceans as sentient beings, cohabitating the planet ocean in peace and harmony - grows stronger with each new revelation. More opportunities to call attention to cetaceans, such as Jean-Luc Bozzoli's, 92-foot mural of life-sized Humpback whales at the ongoing World EXPO2000 in Hanover [see:], are being made manifest.

A humble gathering of podminded people came together in circle this evening and shared themselves with one another and spoke from their hearts of their personal truths. Each one of us held a whalebone fragment that had been gifted through Doug Hackett from Kbay this very morning that represented a talking instrument. Still damp and waterlogged, the residue of brine and bone was gently ground into the palms of all who held the object. An anointing of spirit took place. The spirit of human-cetacean communion sifted slowly through our consciousness. We were as one pod with the purpose of preserving a simple right of choice for both species, because of the observable benefits we might provide for one another.

As most of you may already know, the Navy was not granted permission, and therefore prevented by NMFS to run LFAS testing off the east coast because they could show no evidence that what they were doing was not bringing potential serious injury to Cetaceans and other marine life. Much of this tedious information gathering and legal action to call attention to this was spearheaded by Marsha Green, PhD, and Lanny Sinkin, Attorney, whose efforts and that of those working with them, brought about the needed attention and rightful action. It took thousands of man-hours and hundreds of documents to bring this about and they deserve a huge APPLAUSE! From the whole planet… We CAN make a difference podpeeps! Be sure to check out all the information at the website: about the upcoming symposium this August in Main.

I wish to acknowledge all of you who attended this meeting in spirit and spoke from their hearts when addressing the circle. This is the kind of communication we need to reach a total understanding between. In the next week or so I'll be following up with everyone on implementing some initiatives we might take to ensure that the positive side of the cetacean experience is put forward and a possible alternative proposal for consideration by NMFS.

I was personally humbled by all of you who showed up for this meeting and highly moved by the words spoken. Thanks again, so much to all of you for caring so deeply. We are just beginning to realize the extent and power of our choices in this new paradigm. I'm even more opti-mystic about this entire process… :O)



Gilding the Lilly ...John C. Lilly continues through today in San Francisco as a tribute to this great man on his birthday. I encourage everyone to follow this tribute through the live feed provided on the site.

The following is from an inspired response to a friend on a relative topic:

**Hiya R,

<<Whether Bohm and Pribram's holographic paradigm becomes accepted in
>> science or dies an ignoble death remains to be seen>>

Yes, I recognized the Alain Aspect, relative time experiment, and the above referenced material from Michael Talbot's 1991 milestone book, THE HOLOGRAPHIC UNIVERSE. I strongly recommend you check out this fascinating read that renders a palpable explanation of Quantum mechanics even for those unfamiliar with all the 'quantum-meta-physics' literature that is so hot these days.

Anyway, for me, the holographic paradigm came directly from the cetaceans. Their physical reality is defined by holographic terms and wave patterns of information. It seems obvious to many who've spent time in the company of dolphins, right? Most linear descriptions of this concept gets people confused. For me, understanding it comes from a place I've called, Intuitive Awareness. It's a personal approach to understanding the nature of the 'Zero Point' mentality of Everything and Nothing existing simultaneously in harmony rather than conflict. *Zero* is very a powerful icon in and of itself. Perhaps more than any other, it is this very symbol that has clear, connecting, multidimensional cross-cultural meanings. It can also act as the 'portal' that leads to the 'Multiverse,' beyond the restrictions of Time/Space Continuum(s).

Just think ~ we now have *000* ~ triple zeros as a most integral part of the collective consciousness. Three Zeros. A Trinary System. Tripodal Stability. Full manifestation of the 'Holy Trinity.' All such symbols offer contributing factors in this newly defined matrix of existence that is being molded by our very thoughts thinking our Existence instantly into being at every moment, fractally unfolding. For me, it is only through this Zero Point that we can enter into the NOW, where no past or future exists. It becomes more than a metaphor for living, it is literally ~ THE WAY IT IS!

Trouble is, like most people, I struggle with that kind of responsibility. It's always easier to blame outside forces and blame a society that has been weaned into disempowering ourselves from the earliest age. I think perhaps it also represents the main enigmatic drama of life: Do We Live Our Life or Does Our Life Live Us? Is there separation between the inner and outer worlds or is it as Sufi's say: So Above As Below? Only when we give up the need to know do the answers really begin to appear. And with every revelation of knowing, the abyss of doubt becomes even more apparent as perhaps the only atmosphere were Universal Truth might exist.

Whew! No wonder the cetaceans evolved back into the sea. It best approximates the fluid, interconnectivity of such a Multiverse. They've gotten rid of nearly all the linear distractions and have chosen to be totally conscious of every moment through an evolved biological imperative: Breathing. These guys have GOT IT GOIN' ON all the time! :o) As a meager species that struggles to maintain a 10% level of cognitive awareness, humans still have a few million years to go to reach their levels of consciousness. Cetaceans represent the most obvious example of sentient intelligences outside of humans on this planet. There are others, I am sure, that will be revealed in time as we adapt to the idea, and allow for their existence in our frames of reference. The walls of separation are crumbling. With unconditional love and peace in our hearts, we will survive to see the splendor of Universal Harmony. It will be so. Sooner than later.



Aloha Podpeople!
The May 4-5 planetary configuration is just the middle of the wave form that's already begun and continues until around May 11. As you can well imagine, the Oceans are *alive* with charged information; magnetized by planetary influences and sensitized by this important wave of subtle energies that may well enliven our *Light Bodies* if we allow it to be so.

Perhaps such an event is like an extended nocturnal lightening storm -- metaphorically flashing glimpses of an otherwise darkened landscape to those bravely observing those photonic blasts as a means of determining the lay of the land. I suspect, though, that insights will only be afforded those who've tuned their receptors and opened themselves up to these magnetic waves. We are, after all, only dense physical reflections of the higher realms of spirit. The best we may hope for on this plane is to catch a fleeting glimpse of this spiritual hierarchy in hopes of giving us further assurance of it's authenticity. Like the twinkling stars that are washed away by the harsh sunlight, these realms are blanched by the influx of our physical senses, overwhelming our ability to see those regions clearly and fading from our frame of reference like a night dream fades from our waking consciousness. Both are there -- even if unseen.

So, as you gather yourselves together, alone or with others, remember the quality of your vision will only be tempered by your desire to know and your intention to understand. Everywhere are the signs, my friends. But then, those signs are ever present even if our attentions have not been called by such natural phenomenon.

May these waves of change continue to bring about peace and harmony for the betterment of our Holosphere.

Be Well and Swim Free,




Gilding the Lilly ...John C. Lilly continues through Sunday in San Francisco as a tribute to this great man on his birthday. I encourage everyone to follow this tribute through the live feed provided on the site.

The following article has come to my attention and is very timely to the safety of the world's oceans. I encourage all of you to read it and then send it to everyone you can think of to raise public awareness of the critical issue of LFAS testing by the US Navy. My heartfelt thanks to author, Michael Stocker for allowing this publishing prior to the Whole Earth printed piece due this summer. He has asked that the following be premised:

The following article will appear in the Summer issue of Whole Earth Magazine with other articles about cetaceans. Please support them as they are always supporting the health of our planet. Thanks - The Author



Beneath the Silent Sea


The Department of the Navy is up to something mysterious and it has me troubled. While my usual suspicion of their incentives drives this concern, this new project seems particularly sinister, and I believe it will impact our global quality of life as deeply as our fearful web of nuclear deterrence. While the proposed project may not immediately thicken the winds of anxiety that blew through Los Alamos a half-century ago, it will spread that anxiety into our oceans, sharing it with whales, dolphins, pelagic (deep ocean) fish and countless other species that inhabit the sea. The consequences of this may not become immediately apparent to us, but as the project develops it will surely compromise the health of our co?species around the globe and coincidentally the availability of our own food supply.

What the Navy is proposing - and to some extent already doing, involves generating extremely loud noises in the ocean, loud enough to be heard hundreds to thousands of miles across the sea. While they have some history with this technique in a questionable program named Acoustic Thermography of Ocean Climate (ATOC,) purportedly monitoring the long term temperature trends of the deep ocean, the new proposal threatens to ratchet up the overall human generated noise in the oceans to an unprecedented degree. The program is named Surveillance Towed Array Sonar System (SURTASS) utilizing Low Frequency Active Sonar (LFAS.) The Navy's stated objective is to monitor hostile submarine activity using long wavelength sonar using a crude adaptation of a communication and navigation technique used by whales, schooling fish and other deep water organisms. The Navy will be doing this without regard for the existing web of sounds that keep the ocean creatures in touch with their kin, their surroundings and their food sources. So far they have been able to roll their proposals forward with limited resistance from the public because few people are conversant in the issues and people by-and-large consider the deep ocean a silent expanse of uninhabited water. While polluting the seas with extreme noise seems intuitively inadvisable, in order to really understand the issues we need to overcome our anthropocentricity - we need to consider the possibilities of things outside of our usual range of perception and we need to recognize that often our most "cutting edge" technologies are only rough approximations of the elegant natural phenomena that weave the fabric of our universe together.

The Silent Sea
The ocean is not a visual place. Under the best of circumstances underwater visibility is 100 feet; sunlight does not penetrate down below a few hundred feet from the surface, much less when the water is teeming with plankton, algae and other food sources. The perceptual vocabulary of the sea is auditory, chemical and electrical. We don't realize this because our organs of auditory, electrical and chemical perceptions are poorly adapted to underwater use. We are not likely to sniff for underwater odors, trying to speak underwater is almost as futile, and our ears don't translate underwater sounds well in a submerged pressure gradient. Much of the sounds we do "hear" underwater such as those generated by whales and dolphins, we hear through our bodies - and then only within our auditory range of 20Hz - 20kHz. We know that dolphins sing in pitches well above 120kHz and whales sound in deep tones as low as a few cycles/second, though acoustical energy generated by the bodies of whales or even large schools of fish can be lower still.
Over the past few decades we have developed an understanding of the properties of the higher frequencies used by dolphins. Due to their short wavelength, we use these high frequencies in ultrasonic imaging. Soft tissue does not resonate and interfere with short wavelengths, this allows high frequency sound to "see" through skin, muscle and fat. Dolphins use ultrasound to help distinguish soft tissue from bone in their prey - enabling them to feed effectively. It is likely that they use this imaging in the complex array of their communication as well. Lower frequency "infrasound" use by animals is more of a mystery to us. One of the properties of infrasound is that the longer wavelengths tend to adhere to the curvature of the globe. Longer wavelengths are also less subject to diffusion and absorption by obstacles in the water. The large wave fronts are too large to "see" anything but the largest geographical features. Sea mounts, islands and continents are distinguishable, boats and kelp beds are not. This makes low frequency ideal for navigation and long distance communication. We know that elephants use infrasound to communicate and navigate over land distances of up to ten kilometers, and while nobody has asked them, informed speculation would indicate that whales use their low frequency sounds to communicate and navigate over long distances as well.
So what about the "less complex" organisms; the schooling fish, sea turtles, pelagic crabs, jellyfish, shrimp and the panoply of other denizens that migrate seasonally around the seas? While it is likely that these migrations are informed by factors such as temperature, salinity and the magnetic flux of the earth, it is just as reasonable to assume that underwater acoustics also plays a part; that the low frequency sounds of waves undulating and hitting the shores, submarine tectonic and volcanic activity and acoustical ambience also details the maps that migrating creatures follow.

In the cases of tuna and other schooling fish, the acoustical energy generated by their bodies helps the individual fish synchronize with the low frequency swimming oscillations of the entire school. The lateral line and swim bladder of the fish is an evolutionary adaptation of our own ears - a sensor of vibration and an organ of balance and motion. These organs allow a fish to sense or "hear" motion by way of pressure gradients in their surroundings. When individuals at the perimeter of the school respond to exterior movement such as that generated by a predator, their evasive action transmits the pressure gradient of the predator's motion into the body of the school, informing the school of the appropriate evasive action - without the individual's need to communicate the specifics of the threat. By this mechanism a school of fish - as a body -will respond to motion in less than 1/50th of a second.

While the energy sensed by schooling fish is not "sound" in the general sense that we perceive it - i.e. vibrational energy that we can hear, it is none-the-less acoustical energy. It is low frequency energy that these animals rely on to establish their placement within the body of the school. These fish may even get acoustical feedback in this range from their environment as the long wavelength, low frequency energy of the school reflects off of the sea mounts, islands and continents, helping the school establish their placement in the ocean.
This may all seem a bit too speculative; this line of conjecture is not firmly supported by a general body of scientific inquiry - I can only leave that judgement to the scientific community and their funding sources. Meanwhile we have a military program of global oceanic consequences rolling ahead with a dearth of public information or understanding. It might be prudent to speculate a bit in hopes that we avoid learning the truth the hard way, and too late.
So what is the Navy Really up to?

What the Navy is proposing is a system of very high powered sound generators placed in various places around the oceans - some stationary, others towed behind ships. These sound generators are capable of generating 250 dB (re: 1 mPa) noise, noise that is 100,000 to 1 million times louder than the loudest whale and perhaps a billion times louder than the subtle acoustical signals used by other animals. The Navy wants to generate a thrum of noise in all oceans where they have interest in submarine activity. They claim that their long wave sonar system will allow them to keep track of hostile submarine activity throughout the seas, though the physics of this is questionable.
The sounds that SURTASS LFA generates includes pulsed and swept tones between 100Hz and 10 kHz. The underwater wavelength of these fundamental tones are between 50 feet for 100 Hz and 6 inches for 10 kHz. These wavelengths even at high volume would only be suitable for sonar detection within a few miles of the source due to diffusion and the curvature of the earth. Though by combining and sweeping these tones, combination tones with wavelengths of hundreds to thousands of feet can be created. This is somewhat akin to Frequency Modulated (FM) radio waves creating lower frequency artifacts that can be translated into audio band information. Herein lies the crux of the technology: Combing higher frequencies in various ways will create low frequency, long wavelength tones. These longer wavelengths adhere to the curvature of the earth, "seeing" over the underwater horizon, enabling the system to broadcast and compromise thousands of cubic miles of ocean. By structure, these long wavelengths are too long to detect small objects; detecting a 200' submarine across thousands of cubic miles of ocean with a 500' wave front is akin to searching for amoebas in a swimming pool with a telescope.

So while the Navy is portraying SURTASS as a surveillance tool, it is more likely that they are setting up a global submarine communication system that will enable them to keep in constant contact with the entire nuclear fleet - in a crude approximation of how a school of fishes keep in contact. Up until recently submarines relied upon low frequency radio waves for communication. These long wavelength radio waves also adhered to the curvature of the globe allowing over-the-horizon capabilities. Radio waves don't penetrate the ocean surface, so in order to receive these long radio waves, the submarines need to tow long antennae - a mile or more in length - on the ocean surface. With recent advances in satellite surveillance these antennae are fairly easy to spot making the system unworkable for clandestine deployment of our nuclear arsenal. On the other hand, underwater sound communication is completely clandestine to current surveillance technologies - it can't be detected from above the ocean surface and the long wavelengths make the source difficult to pinpoint underwater. With the volume levels and wavelengths currently used in the ATOC system, long distance communication between Monterrey and Hawai'i is possible - a distance of about 3000 miles. For these reasons, sound communication "beneath the silent sea" is irresistible to the Navy - particularly if they keep the public in the dark about the true nature of their work.
Is it more sinister to use this pernicious technology for communication rather than using it for surveillance? From my perspective any reason is the wrong one for violating the sanctity of the sea, but what irks me most about it is that while the Navy is portraying their system as a defensive system, it is in fact an offensive tool - they are torquing up the global fear with the justification that danger is everywhere. Is this a justification for environmental disruption at this scale?
© March 2000 Michael Stocker



Why the confusion?
Perhaps the greatest source of confusion around the discussion of underwater acoustics lies in how we quantify and qualify the submarine environment. The terms used are the same as terms used in an air environment, but the properties of water and air differ significantly. Air is compressible, water is not; sound travels five time faster in water than in air, and thus the wavelengths are 5 times longer; the ocean has a distinct sound reflective boundary at the surface that channels longer wavelength sound. The deep ocean has a thermoclime akin to the stratosphere that also enables "channeling" of acoustical energy.
The decibel (dB) is used to evaluate energy levels in both environments, but a dB is not a specific quantity of energy, rather it is an expression of relative energy levels. The decibel is a logarithmic scale, so every increase of 10 dB represents a tenfold increase of energy. 10 dB indicates ten times more energy than 0 dB, 20 dB is 100 times more, 30 dB a thousand, 60 dB a million and so forth. In air the reference level of 0 dB equates to the energy level at the lowest threshold of human hearing. This measure has no significance underwater, so the reference level shifts down to a mathematically more convenient number, resulting is a 60 dB relative difference between air and water decibel measurements.

There they go again…
It is hard to conceive the extent of damage that extreme acoustical energy can cause. The noises generated by SURTASS LFA are the loudest noises ever generated by humans with the possible exception of the noise at nuclear "Ground Zero." Since the beginning of the Navy's use of this technology, environmental scientists have advised against it. It is not surprising that after almost every known Navy test, whales and dolphins show up on beaches for "mysterious reasons," some with bleeding eyes, damaged and infected cochlea and other unusual tissue damage. It would be hard to determine the extent of sea life that sinks to the ocean floor once killed by Low Frequency Active Sonar.

The Canary Islands - A total of 21 whale strandings in 1985, 1988, and 1989 were linked to visible US Navy maneuvers. These were the only times whales were reported to strand in the Canary Islands. (Nature, 1991)

The Atlantic Coast - In a 1987 Navy experiment, dolphins exposed to 235 decibels of sonar stranded and were found to suffer from lung tissue explosion. Since this revelation, there has been a great deal of resistance to obtain autopsies that check for this particular problem.

Northern California -The first public test of ATOC in November of 1995 was followed by the beaching of three humpback whales - all buried before autopsies could be performed.

The Haro Strait, San Juan Islands - In the Summer of 1996, 195 decibels were sent into this key waterway used by Orcas, porpoises, seals and other mammals, followed by an increase in strandings of these mammals. ABC News recently reported that the previously thriving Orca population from this area is now in enough trouble to be considered eligible for the Endangered Species list.

The Mediterranean Sea near Greece - In 1996, twelve Cuvier beaked whales exposed to NATO sonar were found stranded. At the same time 200 stranded dolphins and were suspected of suffering from tissue explosion. (Nature, 1996)

The Hawaiian Islands - In 1998, three whale calves and one dolphin calf were found dead or abandoned during and immediately following sonar testing, even though in 15 years of research this phenomenon had never been observed. One of these was a distressed whale calf that breached 230 times and pectoral slapped 658 times in front of Dr. Marsha Green's research team in a four-hour period before the sun set on his distress. In addition, a pod of dolphins was observed by naturalists familiar with normal dolphin behavior huddling unusually close to the shore near the surface and vocalizing excessively while the sound was on.

California - Since the testing in California began in 1997, sonar exposed whales immediately began to strand in increased numbers. In addition, there was a report of uncharacteristically aggressive behavior. More recently, The Malibu Times reported in January, 1999, that more than 150 gray whales were found dead due to starvation along their migratory route where testing took place in 1998. On October 3 1999, three pilot whales beached of on U.S. Virgin Islands St. Croix, St. John, and St. Thomas, coincident with Navy maneuvers.

Australia - The Australian government has questioned a connection between observed US Navy and NATO maneuvering and strandings off their shores.

The Bahamas - Most recently in March 2000, about a dozen beaked whales stranded on various beaches, a rare occurrence as they are not typically schooling animals - a 1998 report in Nature found that only four beaked whale strandings had occurred since 1963. National Marine Fisheries spokesperson reported that two of these whales had eyes that were bleeding, "suggesting acute shock trauma." (S.F. Chronicle March 22, 2000.)

Without exception the Navy maintains that these strandings are only "anecdotal," that there is no connection to their testing and thus refuse to consider them worthy of being pursued.

Want more information?
There are quite a number of organizations and websites with information on SURTASS LFA and ATOC, from the informative and action oriented - to the sentimental and hysterical. Some helpful information can be excavated from the following:

The Natural Resources Defense Council has information under the Marine Mammal link at their website

The Ocean Mammal Institute has helpful information at

A diverse listing can be found at

Information about SURTASS LFA from its proponents can be found at

Information about the Acoustic Thermography of Oceanic Climates (ATOC) can be found at

For a glowing Environmental Impact Statement sponsored by the Navy, you can visit their site at This site has an executive summary of the 400 page EIS full of hard scientific phrases such as "conservative assumptions," "risk continuum" and "…it has been postulated." Typically the EIS evaluation of animal evasive response is based on equivalent assumptions of human behavior and perceptions.

About the Author:

Michael Stocker is an acoustician and technologist. He is currently writing "Hear Where We Are: Reawakening the Sensuality of Sound Perception," a book exploring how sound affects our sense of placement and how we humans and other animals use sound to connect with our surroundings.





The dolphin|MATRIX continues to grow and develop into a network for cetacean awareness on a global basis. It is with pleasure that I announce the following event honoring Dr. John C. Lilly. Details can be found at: Gilding the Lilly ...John C. Lilly

You are cordially invited to attend, "Gilding the Lilly", April 26-30, a Symposium honoring the life and work of John C. Lilly, M.D.: a virtual reality program, broadcast from a well equipped studio in San Francisco and beamed to you through internet streaming audio and/or video, local cable broadcast, satellite and direct tv.

We, the crew from International Space Sciences Organization, Sound Photosynthesis, Samadhi Tank Co.,, and Association for Cultural Evolution, are collaborating to create an environment that enables the largest possible audience in time and space to participate, contribute and interact with Dr. Lilly in his 85th year. He will be on site at Sacramento in San Francisco, but he won't be a presenter, rather the honored guest.

The presenters will be those who have worked intimately with him and/or his ideas in subjects such as: Interspecies Communication, Cultural Evolution, Computers, Patanjali, Cetaceans, Isolation Tanks, Water Birthing, Ketamine....

In addition to the broadcasting, there will be a site next door with a monitor to view the broadcasts for those of you who would like to drop in. There will also be a film screening one evening, a dinner on Sat. evening where you can come and be with Dr. Lilly if you are in San Francisco, and other to-be-announced events.

The dates, opening April 26 and closing April 30. Exact broadcast hours to be announced. We would like you to join us.




The concept and consciousness of the Cetacean Nation continues to grow and expand for me as I meet and contact more people who share this conceptual vision. Its tendrils seem to reach in many different directions from a common core belief in the sentient intelligence of these marvelous race beings. In allowing ourselves as a culture to embrace such a concept, so that it becomes a part of the fabric of our collective consciousness, then I believe we have truly taken a step up on our evolutionary ladder. It doesn't even matter so much how this comes to be defined within the cultural matrix, but that it WILL be recognized. As we all know, a subtle shift in the earth can move mountains.

It has been shown to me that this shifting may be viewed as moving from a strict binary system of reconciling the nature of Reality and Existence, to a TRINARY system. Instead of an 'either/or' scenario, we now have a third perspective that is being brought into play. The so-called return of the 'Goddess' energies into the consciousness of humanity. Now, instead of just the "Father and the Son" being made manifest on the physical plane, the "Holy Spirit," aspect of the Trinity equation, is being given equal billing and power. The Divine Feminine unfolds before us like a beautiful lotus blossom. For me, the Cetacean Nation ideology embraces this new perspective and understanding. Not only that, it symbolizes in many respects for me, the return of a Planet Ocean mentality; as the essential water/emotion/intuitive/feminine aspect of Gaia that provides the basis for our precious life support systems. Perhaps a new respect for such an aspect of our home planet is what is being asked of our fragile race of beings, before we'll be able to recognize the greater magnitude of our existence. I feel it is so.

**Applause! ** An important milestone was passed in the protocol process of the Cetacean Nation gaining recognition from the United Nations. This past weekend, a devout group here in Hawaii, Michael Hyson, Paradise Newland and Napier Marten, appeared before the legislative body for the Sovereignty Movement and submitted a constitutional article for consideration to be placed into the written bylaws of the reinstated, Kingdom of Hawai'i.
Congratulations to everyone involved in the support of this project, for lending their time and energy along with their passion and commitment to further the cause of gaining sovereignty recognition for the Cetacean Nation. Now it's a matter of public record and complies with the first and second of the seven-step proposal for international recognition by the UN. Every little piece combines to make the whole synergistic system come alive. Nice going dolphinpeeps!



Last Friday I was with Dr. John Lilly and a Japanese film crew, capturing on High Definition digital, recollections from that marvelous 'pioneer of mind research.' I was pleased to be a part of that process and later have the opportunity to speak with John about my vision of a physical outpost marked by the flag of the Cetacean Nation. To this he responded with a hearty 'yes,' and added that there should also be an 'anthem' to go with that flag and then grinned. When I said that I wanted to build a 'cyberport' for the Cetacean Nation, he said, "Good" emphatically. He thinks cyberspace is a good thing. He also agreed to come to a gathering in honor of such an event should it happen. For me this was a huge GREEN LIGHT to move further into this commitment and know that there is much good work ahead. The gathering process has begun. Another level of source energy is being revealed, like the layers of an onion.

Today's 'Event':
I had the pleasure of meeting with Michael P. Bailey, a film maker, and co-author of the Cetacean Nation Development Outline that I have sent as an attached file to this email. Michael is a veteran of many movements, such as the major one to pass legislation that has saved literally millions of dolphins from their death in tuna nets. He will be a huge asset in helping to spearhead this movement and direct it at reaching the public in positive ways. We are already seeing dolphins and whales appearing all over the advertising media. More is coming. Two films about dolphins, one in IMAX, are about to be released. A 'wave' of interest is building. Actually it's a double-wave, but I'll get into that another time. To me, this means Cetaceans are being used and accepted as cultural icons. Perhaps it also means that the general public is ready to accept the idea of a Cetacean Nation. Hey, if 72% of Americans polled believe in Angels, why can't we get 60% to believe in Cetaceans?


2/08/00: I have been in contact with Dr. John Lilly and he is all for the idea of promoting the C.N. and has agreed in principle to come to any significant gatherings and for all intents and purposes, lend his name to our efforts. That was HUGE! I have subsequently established links with a large contingency of dolphinites in Byron Bay, Australia who are ready to 'mobilize' the effort to get this thing going. Right now there are many loose ends to tie together, but I'm getting very positive signs that this represents a 'larger' movement as part of the famed, *Earth Changes* we've all heard about. :o)

The next big piece that slid into place was an opportunity to utilize an up-and-running network service to facilitate this new information for distribution throughout cyberspace. My friend Randy Barris in Portland, who runs PHOTON.NET, has agreed to open up his web hosting services operation to accommodate this new possibility. What this means is we have a 'vehicle' to support and move the Informational ENERGY of the Cetacean Nation! A central terminal for all the tendrils to plug into. In the next few weeks I will establish a cyber-base that will start to funnel and collect and connect the dots, so to speak. I'm jazzed about it! This new cyber-clearing station will then act as a model for the organization and distribution of C.N. material on the Internet in preparation for a formal declaration when all systems are ready to implement the concept in 'Real Time.'



Aloha Podpeople!
Wow, I'm still reeling with this stream of energy that's been flooding my consciousness these past several months and got a major
bump on 1 January 2000:

*On the first day of the Gregorian cycle, a group of nearly one hundred of us swam in close proximity of a young Whale Shark. At 18 feet, small by adult standards, but a perfect looking specimen of the most fearsome beast within the ocean. People, freely interacting with such a creature was not only a thing of beauty, but to me, a huge inspiration of hope for the planet. Here were all these people getting in the water with what looked like a man-eating behemoth, but instead, it was a 'lap dog'; the friendliest, most loving creature one could imagine, who wanted nothing more than to cuddle with everyone. She'd go to every new boat and put her head up for petting, and when she needed a bit of clearance, one gentle but powerful swoop of her tail had her several meters away in an instant. Most of the time though it was harder to stay out of her way. When I saw a picture of my own feet dangling in the water with several others while directly below and coming up to us was this gigantic shark, it blew my mind! Such a perfect symbol: Our greatest fears only look like killers, but in fact are nothing but a toothless nanny. :)*

* * *


What at first I thought it was a normal response to having 'crossed over' into the New Millennium, starting as a subtle, even subliminal affect on me, but soon turned deeper and more vibrant. When I announced to those of you present at Joan's Dolphin House gathering, about my 'vision' of a physical manifestation of some kind in the form of an actual space, for representing the 'ideas and beliefs' of our local community of podpeeps, I had no idea what I had opened up within me. The following passages describe in some way what I have been experiencing:

*This resonance within me and seemingly countless others on the planet, it may well be a rallying cry to make something happen. Since we turned 'the corner' and slid on by, into another dimension of time and space, energy swirls everywhere; new hope, new potential, new opportunities, new, New, NEW. All things are now possible to be made manifest, as a 'matrix' door opens for a glimpse into infinity just between the double zeros. Everywhere are the Signs!*



A rising bubble of energy has now completely encompassed me. Within this charged sphere, a sweet melody rings in resonant tones, as pure as liquid gold and clear as polished quartz. It sings its songs of legend and praise for, the CETACEAN NATION!
Two and a half years ago at Hervey Bay, when John Lilly announced an all out effort to get a 'delegate' to the United Nations representing the Cetaceans of the planet, who were in peril at the careless hands of humans, the concept struck me quite deeply. Only now, that deepness has begun to profoundly 'echo' within me; some ancient movement, some future means. For I have come to realize that this is what I had been doing all along, only hadn't been aware of it fully until this moment. That's because some BIG pieces have come before me that act to point my full attention towards this 'cause'
My 'lifeforce' has been in a kind of a dormant state, within a cocoon for a period of time, metamorphosing into this now emerging butterfly that is beaming with light and flying the flag colors of the Cetacean Nation.

From deep within my metabeing this call now arises from 'days of future past' into a present state of mind. It says, Now is the time to make manifest what was until now impossible. Now we can bring into the material plane a framework, a grid of light, a MATRIX of consciousness, that will ignite and illuminate the next level of our human potential evolution as one of a number of intelligent species inhabiting this planet.

I'm sending out this rallying cry to unite our intelligence's under a common banner: the flag of the Cetacean Nation!

I feel compelled to establish an 'outpost' here in Kealakekua as a 'pulse point' on the planet along with Byron Bay and other key points within the geophysical region known as "Oceania" and points beyond. This 'mission' of sorts appears to me as being of vast importance, and something I'm prepared to devote all of my available time to bring into realization. I've never been in the political arena so blatantly in my life, but this uncompromising stance has me adamant about the idea that a clear Cetacean *voice* must be expressed. I sense that there are now *ears* to hear of such a notion... a Nation... of such a Legend... of such an existence, that's there right in front of us.

The first thing that I'm prepared to do is to establish a physical space, one that has been shown to me, over and over again these past two years. This physical space will act as an anchor point to allow this movement to exist in real terms. There are people within this community whom seem in favor and supportive of such an idea, and the seed of which is taking root even as I speak. I further hope to establish this 'spot' as a rallying point from which concrete ideas can evolve, as well as a cyberstructure, offering a kind of common point to plug all other cyberfibers of light into a terminal of informational energy. It would be my hope that such an energy system can synergize itself, alchemically illuminating and magnetizing, thus spinning vortices of fractal patterns of intelligence throughout the Holosphere into the Hyperspace and beyond. In other words, sending out focused intentions to manifest what's never been done before in recorded history. Wake up calls and people to take those calls about the Cetacean Experience and what lies just beyond. That's the major part of my dream. . .there are a number of other dreams at play here as well.

The task at hand: collecting, correlating and mobilizing the Cetacean Nation initiative material into a central terminal, so to speak. It feels as though this is a key area (Hawaii) to anchor a flag bearing, physical outpost, that might act as both the collecting rod and a beacon of information. I consider myself fortunate in many ways to feel the deep connection that I harbor for this movement, that for me personally, dates as far back as 1956!



One very recent development that may put some 'grease on the wheels.' The web hosting service, <http://Photon.Net>, has offered to act as a major gateway facilitator so that we might link several layers of this multidimensional matrix together at one time and cyberspace. These cyberpathways are already there, they just need to have the switches turned on, so to speak. So, this is a major area of development that I'm just now beginning. I have had very encouraging emails and connections from many sources thus far. The timing seems impeccable. Major growth may now be possible.



I know that you are ALL connected to this 'movement' and that we will be working together in various ways to help generate and transpose energy, lighting up the grid, that is just now finding its potential as a glistening sphere of luminosity. The years of 'lightwork' that has come before, has made this moment possible, and everything we can do now to ensure it's expansion, will have a profound affect on the things yet to come. Like the Hopi prophesy: 'We are the Ones We've been waiting for.'

It is with great humility and respect for each and every one of you, that I offer this tomb of transcription as a first installment of many in this unfolding/intertwining MATRIX of energy that is illuminated by the Love we share. Thank you for being here to enjoy it with me.

Be Well and Swim Free,